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Thread: Project Portfolio Section: Alignment Issue

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    Project Portfolio Section: Alignment Issue

    Hello, my projects are not aligning in a row for the portfolio section on my Visia Theme. The second row of project items is dropping the first two projects down to a new line. Everything was working great until now. It just started appearing this way when I ran the site today. Nothing has been changed from when it was working so i'm not sure what the issue is.

    My site URL is: http://www.liquidwild.com/lwwp/


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    I can see what's causing this, but not why it would suddenly start overnight. Try adding this to the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel:

    .projectlist a img {
      max-height: 260px;
    That should solve the issue, but if it reoccurs please let us know.

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    Hi there. I'm facing the same issue here, added the code to the CSS field but that didn't do any good. What else can I try? Thanks.

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    can you please share your website url with us and we will take a look.

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    Hi, is there any way to configure the Project page to centre the portfolio rather than left align (so if the number of projects doesn't exactly fill a row, the last row is centred)?

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    Hi, No unfortunately there is no way to do this. That's not how the grid component works.