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Thread: How to Auto-Resize Page Image for iPhone or iPad? [SOLVED]

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    How to Auto-Resize Page Image for iPhone or iPad? [SOLVED]

    Hello, I just built a basic webpage that has one image on my site here http://marcusjefferson.com/?page_id=2088

    Can you please let me know if there is some kind of auto-resize command for the image to
    display full-width on an iPhone or iPad?

    Or perhaps can you tell me if I can set a specific pixel width for iPhone or iPad, maybe setting the image width at 420 pixels?

    Its 900 pixels width on the desktop version and it looks great, but I would like to auto-resize the image so the entire width on
    the image appears on an iPhone.

    I've attached a screenshot from the desktop and the iPhone.

    If there is a auto-resize image command for mobile devices, can you please tell me where to paste that command: its it in the page builder line highlighted in yellow?

    Or do I change a line of coding in a CSS file somewhere?

    Thank you very much!

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    Please disregard this post!