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Thread: Support rules

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    Question Support rules

    1. Strictly only one question per thread is allowed, if you have more than 1 question, then open more threads.
    2. Support forum opening hours are 9am-6pm CET Mon-Fri.
    3. Requests will be answered in 48 hours during opening hours (weekends not included).
    4. Free support covers only issues/bugs related to item features as shown in the online preview. Everything else constitutes a customization (See below).

    Threads are generally answered according to their last post date, older first. However, since each support staff member focus on a different area (HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP),
    the queue position can be ignored in some cases. For instance, a thread requires a specific staff member or a developer to be contacted in order to provide a solution.
    Do not bump your thread, due the "last post" sorting, you'll lose your current queue position.

    Each time you create a new thread, your fair use score gets increase by 1 and the value is used to determine your queue position. As a consequence, users with a lower score
    will get priority over others with larger amount of opened threads. When no threads are created, score decreases in time. This is designed to prevent support abuses and ensure
    that each customer is getting the same attention from our support team.

    To deal with fair use rule:

    1. Search the forums as much as possible for similar issues before posting your question, often the same request has already been answered.
    2. Avoid opening multiple threads at once, it will negatively impact the queue position for all of them. Instead, post a single question and wait for support staff to answer
      then create new thread only after your issue has been solved. The fair use rule will still apply but will only affect your new thread.

    Customizations are defined as requests related to code and/or style tweaks to suit individual customer's needs and not related to bugs or problems with an item's included features.

    The support which is given freely via our forum is meant to fix bugs and to help our customers with difficulties arising from the use of the built-in features of our products.
    To give customers detailed instruction on how to customize their themes, one tweak at a time, is time-consuming and hence unfeasible for us to provide on a regular basis.

    If you have been notified that your request is outside the scope of our support or if your issue is urgent, we recommend searching for a freelancer on the services marketplace "Envato Studio"
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