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Thread: Translation opinion

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    Translation opinion

    I need an opinion on the translation of the site in french.
    I understand how to translate strings with Poedit, as indicated on the forum.
    I want to know if there are specific dictionaries containing the elements that are often translate recurent? Is there a reference site does all these terms?

    More I hesitate to use WPML, it is easy to install and use?
    Is that all the terms are translated faithfully? For example the Home is not home .... Home

    By chance is great that a buyer has already translated into French REWORK?

    Thank you in advance for your experiences Returns

    I'll try to use WPML
    thank you
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    Hi Bubbleg,

    there is no dictionary as it's not possible to predict proper translation, as the same word might mean two or more things, based on context.

    WPML is widely used and a very professional plugin, and really easy to use, you will surely easily find solutions to all your problems when using it.