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Thread: editing the text in the blog-carousel

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    editing the text in the blog-carousel


    I am trying to edit the text in the blog carousel on the homepage of my website - www.krconsult.co.uk. I have changed the title without a problem but cannot find the Latin in the carousel-blog.php to edit. Additionally the 'Read the blog' text is not showing up at all. I have compared the code in the carousel-blog.php to that of the carousel-project.php which is working fine to see if there was anything missing or obviously wrong - they are identical apart from the editable text.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    when editing homepage, scroll down below editor content until you see field named Text inside Blog Carousel metabox, that's where you can change latin text to your own.

    Regarding read more button, it was not implemented in the theme on this place.

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    Found it - thank you! As always we overlook the obvious!