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Thread: Individiual Project Pages - Layout

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    Individiual Project Pages - Layout

    Hi there again Ante,

    I'm starting to add project pages to the new site I'm working on, but some of the modified child theme files don't seem to be having the same effect as they did on the last site I worked on.

    This image is a combination of what the page currently looks like along with an element that I would like to add:

    The highlighted yellow areas 1. and 2. are bits of text that I don't need. How should I take them out please?

    Then, the highlighted yellow area at the bottom of the page (3.) is the tabbed text area that I would like to add below the Project Image, if possible. With the first website I worked on you helped me by adding an additional content section using a custom field. Now, I still have the custom field option on my project page, but I no longer have the additional_content option to choose from the drop-down menu. Do these short codes work when used in this field?

    I hope that what I am asking is clear enough. Please let me know if I need to explain myself better.

    Thank you so much for your great support!

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    Hi CheyeneX,

    As per new forum policy, this issue is classified as customisation. Customizations are done as paid work, see here for more info.

    If you would like to avail of this service, let us know by posting here again saying so and we will transfer this thread to the customization subforum, where a developer will contact you.

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    Hi there Donagh,

    I understand that the tabbed section at the bottom of the page (issue 3. above) is a customisation, but if the same child theme files are being used for two different sites, then surely there shouldn't be different outcomes (issues 1. and 2. above)? If you could just let me know what files would be affecting this page, and why I can't see the additional_content option that I can see in the other site then I'll compare the files and try to figure out where the differences are.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi there,

    regarding 3, you probably can't see it under dropdown as you have not used it yet in this installation, if you just create new field with that name, next time it should be available in dropdown.

    Regarding 1 and 2, maybe in customizing we've hidden those areas via Custom CSS/JS in Theme Options panel?