The theme is working great on many computers and phones, but I am having a lot of trouble with old macs, chrome, and iPads.

1) My website, especially the projects, loads great on computers and phones, but on IPAD the projects page can take minutes! Any solution for this?
2) On chrome, no images load, the project titles and flags show but no images. this seems only to be happening in the https version of the site, not on HTTP
3) On Ipad, I still am getting a lot of misalignment. sometimes one project per line, sometimes, two, sometimes four. You told me in a previous post to make sure images are same size. (Which I have done) and you said make sure tags do not run over into more than one line. Well this is challenging for a number of reasons, in landscape vs horizontal orientations the number of tags per line changes. Also problematic, is the tags are really important for the filter options to work.

Thank you