Hi there

Today is the big day 25.5.2018 - the GDPR is "active" now, see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Genera...ion_Regulation

Unfortunately all wordpress plugins that provide a cookie consent implementation will not work with the Floyd theme because the Floyd theme loads the script "www.youtube.com/player_api". When you load this script, 3rd party cookies will be immediately retrieved, making any form of "cookie opt-in" impossible.

We wish to purchase an updated version of the Floyd theme (or instructions on how to do so). I think the JS file "jquery.mb.YTPlayer.js" needs to be replaced completely. I already managed to add youtube URLs in the form of "youtube-nocookie.com" to prevent loading 3rd party cookies. From the Vimeo-side I think we will just need to avoid those videos. I don't think the user will understand that he needs to accept the (useless!) cookies in order for the video to play back.

Any idea how to proceed? Basically every company within EU will have this issue and should never use a theme that doesn't fully comply with the GDPR..

Best regards