Can you please help me with two things.

1. I’m having font issues. I’m using Montserrat, 400 (regular), 500 (medium) 600 (semi-bold) 700 (bold) in my css but fonts are not displaying the correct weight.

First I looked at the call to google fonts in the header, which is: //fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat:regular:bold&subset=latin,la tin-ext. Shouldn't it be://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Montserrat:400,500,600,700&subset=l atin-ext ?

I read on the forum to change the google-fonts.php, but it was an old post. I changed it to this:

'Montserrat' =>
array (
0 =>
array (
0 => 'regular',
1 => '500',
2 => '600',
3 => '700',
1 =>
array (
0 => 'latin',

But that didn’t help.

2. On the forum it says “Version 1.3.1 is now available on themeforest” but it is not on Themeforest anymore “Download not available”, where can I download the most current version, to make sure I didn’t accidentally over right these files with an older version I had on my local drive: google-fonts.php and PeThemeVisia.php? Also, I’m using version 1.3.3, is there a newer version?

Thank you!