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Thread: "Projects" do not load

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    "Projects" do not load

    Dear Community,
    i have a problem with my Visia-Theme-Website www.steffen-strauss.de.
    My "projects" load very slowly or not at all. This means that when I click on a specific project, it does not switch to the single project gallery.
    I compressed all the pictures as best as possible, but nothing has improved. Can someone help me?

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    You have cross domain asset loading issues. See the browser's console for details on these errors. This theme uses ajax to load the projects, which will fail when there is a cross domain error, hence this is why your projects will not show. This problem is usually caused by you having two different urs for your website, one with www and one without it. The link you pasted above is the incorrect one. You will need to create a redirect from that url above to your real url, which is http://steffen-struuss.de this will make sure that anyone visiting the url version above will be redirected to the correct url, and no errors will result.