Hi !
I want to change the primary color on individual pages. is it possible to do it at once, so all the titles, buttons, asterisks in the contact form, etc… change ?
My site : http://steponegroup.fr
the page I want to change color : http://steponegroup.fr/upcyclhome
change from orange to #009BFF

here are my infos…
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I tried several solutions given in the forum but none worked… maybe I don't type the good page ID or section code…

like :
to try to change only title color one the feature block :
#upcyclhome .pe-view-layout-class-feature .title {
color: #009BFF;


#upcyclhome {
color: #009BFF;

Thanks for your help !

BTW: isn't there a sort of database of all css codes or nomenclature used (for noobs like me) ?