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Thread: Gallery Images are blurry

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    Gallery Images are blurry

    My home page slider images are crystal clear. The images in my gallery appear blurry. I have been trying different sizes and still nothing has gotten better. I have one image up right now set to 2560 x 1440. My client wants the images to fill as much of the page as possible ( like the homepage slider). Do you have any suggestions?

    Link: http://galegoff.com/new_site/#!/woodland_retreat

    i also noticed there is a navigation arrow to the right of my image. I had put code in to remove those arrows.

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    Hi, Im on a MBP 15" Retina and it does not appear blurred to me. That area cannot be fullscreen like the splash gallery, as it stands for my size of screen, the image is almost too big, I almost have to scroll to see the whole thing, which isn't great - so going bigger does not make a lot of sense - my opinion. Anyway, you'll need to customize the theme's source code heavily to achieve that.