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Thread: Video Embedding Options

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    Video Embedding Options

    Hi Team,

    I'm currently using Vimeo to playback my video content, but I would rather self host. As is Vimeo wants to throw up staff picks on my site after the video is over, and I think this is a little tacky. To turn that off with them requires $7/month, which doesn't seem worth it.

    Is there anyway to use the WP Media library to host video files with this theme?

    Here's my site:

    I have uploaded one of those videos to my WP library here for what its worth:

    Currently I am using the Hero content block to place the video, this works well becaue I have 2 vids I want to display side by side but I'm open to using other blocks and/or separate pages if neccesary.

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    Hi, Self hosted video can be used in the homepage splash area only - in the homepage template set the splash setting to "Video" and then click the Upload button to place the video into the WP media library and insert the part into the theme. See the theme's help docs for more info. Here is the example from our theme demo: http://visia.themes.tf/video-home/

    Edit: only one video can be displayed per splash area, so you'd need to make a separate page to display a second.