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Thread: Mobile version not working

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    Mobile version not working

    I have 2 websites and 2 versions of wordpress installed on the same server.

    The second site has wordpress and everything related to that site in a subfolder.

    Everything with the site works, but for whatever reason, the mobile version won't activate.

    First site is www.stevenshea.ca (mobile works fine)

    second is www.sheaweddings.ca (mobile doesn't work)

    However, sheaweddings.ca is being forwarded to www.stevenshea.ca/wedding/

    If I go to the site by typing www.stevenshea.ca/wedding, the mobile works fine.

    Any ideas??

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    Hi, Check your page source, the whole site is showing up inside a frameset ( a wrapping element with separate doc type head etc) those elements in the inner website (where the viewport tags are located - those which trigger the movile responsive behavior) are not being read. You'll need to remove this outer frameset.