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Thread: Scale / fit video in Video Section Slide

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    Scale / fit video in Video Section Slide

    I need to fit a video inside a video section slider and surrounds the Title in the middle, see sigmainstrumentos.libertas.tur.br .

    However, I have tried setting minimum width, , changing the pixel size of the video from 1920x1080, 1280x720, etc..., change the size of the slide from 940x300 to whatever size with no result.

    Is there a way to make the video fit in a way it doesn't get cropped/zoomed?

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    Hi, Its impossible to fully fit a video to a full width section without it getting cropped or zoomed. The theme is responsive, so the width of a full width section can be almost any width, for a video to always fit, it needs to be scaled up and down. At a large width, to avoid the section's height from getting huge, the video is therefore cropped. This is unavoidable. Full width video sections are not designed for use with video which are to be fully seen, they are more designed for background atmospheric videos.