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Thread: Main Menü doesn't fit right

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    Main Menü doesn't fit right


    on my Website: https://www.kryptoforest.de/ i got a problem with the main menu.

    The Background of the menu doesn't use the right height. I found out that if i click on Chrome Developer tools on the HTML Line: <div class="span12" style="height: 1px;"> and change the Style to "height: auto" the menu is perfect. But i can't use the custom css to fix this problem :/ or at least i don't know how.

    Do you know which Code i need to add?

    Thanks for your help

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    Hi, If i input that css, the menu look the same, I don't see an issue with the menu before or after. Should it look different? Can you show me what the problem is, do it not look right when you insert more menu items or something? I need some way to test this.