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Thread: Background Colours Missing After SSL Upgrade

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    Background Colours Missing After SSL Upgrade

    Hi there,

    I just changed my domain to https:// with an SSL certificate.
    But now the background colours seems to be missing in several areas such as behind the portfolio tiles and the footer is missing completely.
    You can just see the background parallax image showing through.

    What is also strange is that the problem only seems to be above a certain resolution. Once the 768px width breakpoint is hit the backgrounds and footer reappear??

    Can you please help?


    Kind Regards,

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    I believe it could be a mixed content issue? Could you please look into this for me?

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    Try this (paste these into your custom CSS field in the theme options panel)

    #section-2{ z-index:0 !important;}
    #section-16{ background-color:white;}