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Thread: Visia 1.3.3 update

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    Visia 1.3.3 update

    Hello! I have Visia 1.3.2 installed on my site, and I think I need to update to version 1.3.3 before I upgrade my Wordpress to the most recent version (4.9.2). I downloaded 1.3.3 from Wordpress, navigated to Appearance>Themes>Add New>Upload Theme and selected the Visia.Theme.zip file that was in my download from Themeforest. When I clicked through to upload the file, I received the error message "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini" I understand support does not cover installation, but if you could please let me know whether this is an issue I can resolve through support or not that would be helpful - my next attempt would be to contact my hosting company but wanted to try here first since other themes I've uploaded don't have this issue. Thanks very much!

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    Hi, This is not a theme issue but a hosting issue, see here for details and fix: https://atlantisthemes.com/fix-upload_max_filesize/

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    Thank you, I called GoDaddy and was able to resolve this.