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Thread: links in Homepage Labels not working in Chrome

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    links in Homepage Labels not working in Chrome

    I have 2 "labels" (links) that display over my homepage slider on rhdnyc.com . These 2 links, "Learn More" and "Our Work", which should link/scroll to the "About Us" and "Work" sections of our site respectively, no longer work in Chrome but are still functional in Firefox and Safari. My own troubleshooting has been unsuccessful so I would appreciate any guidance you may have. Thank you!

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I am not referring to my nav links which work fine, but rather 2 larger "labels" which I've enabled as links that directly overlay my Homepage slider.

    PS) I think I have an older version of Visia installed, however I did download the newer version of the theme and attempted to install, at which time I received an error with regards to the file size exceeding that which is allowed in php.ini so I have to start a separate support thread regarding that issue. If updating my theme is the first step in the resolution of the bug with these links in Chrome, please advise and see my other thread which I will create after this one. Thanks very much!
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    Hi, I've answered your other question about the file size limit error. I suggest you sort that one our, complete the update and then if this issue is still there, I'll take a look. This way we can rule out the theme version being the cause. Post back here one you have the update done.

    p.s. You can always do a manual update, see here for instructions: http://support.pixelentity.com/threa...-Themes-Update (it deals with an older version of WP but the method is the same).

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    Hello! I successfully resolved the issue and installed Visia 1.3.3. There's still a Wordpress upgrade available to 4.9.4 - is it safe to upgrade to 4.9.4 with Visia 1.3.3 installed? If so I will do that and then report back on whether the Chrome bug is resolved. Thank you!

    ps) I apologize for the delayed reply, I wasn't notified by email that you had responded to this one. Thank you!
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    Hi, Yes the update should be fine. Always make a backup for your whole site, just in case.

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    Hello again Donagh! Update to WP 4.9.4 is complete after a backup, no new problems but the bug with the homepage buttons in Chrome is still present, and in fact it's slightly worse as the arrow on one of the buttons now renders as a square in Chrome - screengrabs attached showing the difference between FireFox and Chrome. The buttons work just fine in Firefox so it seems like truly just a problem in Chrome. Let me know if I can provide any other info, as always I very much appreciate any assistance you can provide in troubleshooting. Thank you!

    Buttons in Firefox (working normally) :

    Buttons in Chrome (don't work and arrow is now a square):

    ***Lastly in case you need my site URL it's rhdnyc.com
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