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Thread: I canīt see my menu

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    I canīt see my menu

    Iīm working on a site for a client, and iīm so close to finish it, but I have a problem with the menu.
    Itīs working, but I canīt see it, itīs like the button are invisible.
    Can you take a look please?

    here are the credentials I created for you:
    ** Hidden Content: You don't have sufficient privileges to see this hidden data **

    thanks for your support

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    Hi, You can't see your menu for two reasons, 1. you have set it to transparent header/menu in the theme's settings at bottom of the edit page admin area (below the page builder). & 2. You had your admin bar set to show when you are logged in, which sits on top of the main menu when your view your site.

    I've set your admin bar to not show when you are logged in. But you'll have to change the transparent header setting if you would like to see your header from the beginning and not just when you scroll down a little.

    By the way - you had your login details posted here before I change them to hidden. This forum is visible to anyone, so I would recommend that you change those access credentials asap.