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Thread: Menu position / contact form editing

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    Menu position / contact form editing

    Dear All

    just few questions for my new website kresi.it

    - how can i place the menu item aligned to the bottom? close to the slider?
    - how can i change the color of the slider buttons? if i can
    - for the contact form i would like to keep just the email (no telephone/address), how can i put it on the center? (SOLVED)


    Edit: i need also to center the services icon (SOLVED) then the text on the slider in the middle of it
    Edit2: icons are not showing in the right way on Chrome
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    Hi, I've checked your website and I don't see any main menu. Is this item still actual? If so, please add your menu and let me know when to check back.

    About the email in the footer, I also see that you have managed to sort that item.

    The icons not showing on sometimes is because or the cross-domain policy. To fix this you will need to create a redirect in your hosting panel which redirects all traffic arriving to http://kresi.it to http://www.kresi.it because your real domain is the latter not the former. Try it and you'll see that the icons load fine if you use the www url.

    Edit - the slider arrows are images which can be found in the "images/icons/" folder in the theme files, they are called next.png prev.png - just swap them with others image of the same name and that'll be enough.