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Thread: Customization of Google Maps

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    Customization of Google Maps

    Hi there

    I've setup the theme - so far so good
    But the google maps integration is not useful because the MapStyle is extremely bad in our case: http://wp.in-discourse.com/#contact

    One of theese:
    - https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api...size=1000x1000
    - https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api...size=1000x1000 (maptype = satellite)

    would be way more useful because the level of zoom actually shows contours of a building (when the maptype is set to "roadmap").

    I deactivated JS/CSS compression and tried to change pixelentity.controller.js and even jquery.pixelentity.widgets.gmap.js... by trying to deactivate the "styled map".. or change it. I also created a new map style using https://mapstyle.withgoogle.com/ and added the initialization to Custom JS in Theme Options (in reference to http://support.pixelentity.com/archi...hp/t-1288.html ). Also emptying the variable (setting to empty array) doesnt work for me. Maybe its because pixelentity.controller.js is loaded AFTER the custom JS.

    Then there are two other small issues, I can open separate threads.. but probably they are really easy to resolve:

    - When adding a logo, its not aligned correctly (vertically). Also there is no information about the recommended logo size. I fixed it with css by reducing the padding of the element enclosing the <img>.

    - I'd like to remove the input field "phone number". Is there a better way than to remove the code within pagecontent-contact.php?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards
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    If you open the js folder in the theme root folder, in there you'll find main.js. Here on line 231 you will find all the styles for the map, change what you need to there to suit your site.
    Your logo looks fine here. The theme contains css to auto resize images to their containers, in some cases however this may result in logos needing alignment tweaks due to their proportions being different than others. This is usually tweaked with custom css, as you have done.

    For the file, you could make sure there is no "required" attribute in the field in the php template file and then just hide it with css, this would be safer then just deleting code form the php template files, because some code may be using it somewhere, like a validation script.