Hi, Sorry for the delay, I was away on business for a week. So I've consulted with a sys admin and he says that the "success: false" reply which the theme's form receives from the server means that the server's mail() function was not able to send the email, hence this is an issue with that function, which I'm sorry to say is a server issue and is not something I can solve for you with access to your WP admin. This is something which will need to be looked at on your hosting account level. By the way, the stuff you posted above means nothing, its only details of what browser is accessing your website, it has nothing to do with PHP error logs. I would chase after this issue with your host or your system admin, like I suggested earlier.

In such cases I normally suggest using the STMP solution for mail() problems, but in your case it hasn't worked, so going the server route is unavoidable. If your host tries to tell you its the theme, they are only trying to get rid of you. Don't accept that answer.