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Thread: Need help on a bunch of things. PLEASE HELP!

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    Need help on a bunch of things. PLEASE HELP!


    I started to work on this site:

    These are the questions/issues I have:

    1. the URL directs to the blog page, which I have deleted. Can you please tell me how to redirect this URL to the home page?
    2. the Main menu, it doesn't anchor to the point of the webpage. For example, when someone clicks on About, I want it to take them to the location of the "About" section on the home page, not a separate page. It doesn't do anything.
    3. Services Section- I need to change the Icons and the wording. for example the UX icon, I need to change that Project Management and, I need to change the information that comes up when I hoover over the icon. How do I do that?
    4. Same thing goes for the Portfolio section, I need to change the categories (branding, graphic, etc).

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    1. Go to setting inside the WP admin, then to reading, then set the "homepage points to" option to your homepage, you can select it from a list.
    2. You will need to follow the instructions in this thread for the solution: http://support.pixelentity.com/threa...ll=1#post79569
    3 & 4. This is basic WP content editing, for the full instructions, please refer to the included help documentation. You will find this in the docs folder in the package you downloaded when you purchased the theme. Or go to your downloads page and click on downloading the theme again "all files and docs".