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Thread: BUG- SPLASH (IMAGE-SLIDER) Nietzsche theme

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    BUG- SPLASH (IMAGE-SLIDER) Nietzsche theme

    Hi, I just bought and installed the NIETZSCHE theme in my wordpress blog, and I'm having problems with the splash (image and slider) I'm using the builder, and I insert images from the slides and nothing is shown, my blog is http : //dev.franciscomartinmoreno.com/, as you can see, the splash slider is already inserted but it does not show anything, please help me. Thank you

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    Hi, The browser console is showing an Internal Server Error (500) for your domain. So something is not right on your server end. You’ll need to check your PHP error log to begin debugging. It should be your server config or a host of other things.

    Check your PHP log and post the last few errors somewhere and share the link here, so we can check.