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Thread: Image Slider

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    Image Slider


    I'm trying to create a gallery slider like the one on this page: http://magnum.themes.pixelentity.com...ider-services/ (Where it says: The essential, Tell a stranger and get connected)

    Please can someone help me with this? What template do I have to use for this?


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    Hi, Do this:

    1. Make a Gallery with several images in Galleries in main WP admin menu.
    2. Next page a gallery format project, insert the gallery greated in step 1, into the "Use Gallery" option there.
    3. Create a page using the "featured project" page template and select the project created in step 2. in the "Select Project to display" option.
    4. Now set the master page (splash page) as the parent of this page created in setp 3 and give it an order number (position the page appears when scrolling.
    That's is, save and publish.

    Btw, all of this can be found in the included help docs, I would recommend that you read that fully in order to familiarise yourself with the theme's full feature set.