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Thread: Gallery Grid Thumbnails Size

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    Gallery Grid Thumbnails Size


    I created a gallery using a Gallery – Grid (flare lightbox) view. It looks ok but the thumbnails are really small and I’d like them to be bigger, but it doesn’t allow me to set the size. Any idea why this is happening? I’ve tried many times already! I tried to change the settings into the project itself and also in the "view" tab. Nothing happens..

    I’d be grateful if you could help me with this. Thank you

    My website with the small thumbnails: http://www.edoardomoruzzi.com/#!/flyfishing

    I would like to see the thumbnails like this: http://andreasvigl.com/index.php/gal.../mountainbike/

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    Hi, That's how a grid gallery displays. If you want a larger grid of images you will need to use a separate page for your project and then on the project page insert a portfolio masonry grid which uses those images as input data. So you would use a separate page and insert a view block which would be a portfolio masonry grid but could take its input image from a gallery, your fishing gallery in this case and out that data as a masonry grid. See the help docs section on creating 'views' and inserting them into pages using the view block in the page builder.