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Thread: Grid views in columns not centered horizontally

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    Grid views in columns not centered horizontally

    Hi !
    on my site : http://steponegroup.fr, in the "partners" homepage section, i have 3 columns, each with a title, and a grid view that i setup to have images one on the other. But these views are not aligned with the titles. IS there a way to correct this ?

    Also, in mobile layout, those columns stack vertically… it would be great that they stay as 3 columns… Is it possible ?

    Thanks, have a great day, all !

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    Hi, Try this:

    Paste this snippet into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel.

    .pe-view-layout-block-13 p,
    .pe-view-layout-block-16 p,
    .pe-view-layout-block-19 p{
    text-align:left !important;
    This should align the titles.
    Unfortunately there is no way to keep those in a grid form in mobile view without modification work to the theme.