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Thread: Disable AJAX loading on certain project ? (Portfolio preview)

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    Disable AJAX loading on certain project ? (Portfolio preview)

    Hi !

    I'm continuing the discovery of your OneUp theme and I had a question : I have some projects which contain shortcodes used by other plugins to display a Flickr or an Instagram gallery directly into the project content, but right now ajax loading with the Portfolio Preview option seems to disable the data fetching from these plugins.

    For example :
    ** Hidden Content: You don't have sufficient privileges to see this hidden data **

    So, I know you're not providing support for others' plugins, but as this is theme related, is there a way to disable ajax loading on certain projects while displayed on a portfolio preview ?
    Maybe with the addition of a special class to it ?

    Thanks for the help !

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    Apparently, I need to add
    somewhere to be executed when I click on the portfolio item, so that the scripts from the plugin are loaded with the page. But I couldn't find anything like that in the theme files.

    So I still need your help. ^^

    See the doc :
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    Hi, Unfortunately there is no "Reload Code" field or feature in this theme so what you are referring to can only be done with custom source code/customisation, which is beyond the scope of our support. Ajax loading is not decided on a project by project basis, but is determined by the portfolio type you are using, in your case the "portfolio preview" which is a full ajax portfolio type, so if the ajax is a problem for you there is no other option but to choose one of the other portfolio types available in the theme.