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Thread: Small? problems

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    Small? problems


    Two things. my url: https://helloo.me in the splash banner, when click play video, a white screen apprear. I tried without httpS etc. But no luck. It worked before. I think since i update theme to latest version

    In wordpress my products look like: https://helloo.me/product/helloo-wit-roze/
    But it should look like this: https://gaszen.com/tienda/medidor-de-gas-inalambrico/

    Also that was good before.

    On the product page, (woocommerce page) it also looks messy see url: https://helloo.me/winkel/

    I bypassed to use a short code on a new page.

    Do i need template files or so?

    This doesnt look professional



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    Firstly, this theme does not include support for woo commerce, which may explain some unusual layout/look on product pages, because these are Woocommerce custom templates and the theme's CSS would not include specific styles for these pages. Unfortunately seeing as our theme does not include support for woocommerce, problem with these pages are not covered in our support.

    Secondly, your site is showing a javascript error, something to do with a lightbox plugin, which will cause other javascript code which controls things in your theme to malfunction. Check the console in your browser for details of this error. You'll need to fix this error before I could debug any theme related problem.

    Thirdly, I'm not sure if your know about it, but your website has some spammy links hidden off screen. They point to some Vietnam site and advertise free themes or other stuff. Check your page source and you'll see them. You should remove this or remove whatever free plugin or theme which installed it there. Be careful with free stuff.

    Best of luck.