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Thread: Linking forms to MailChimp + Removing Buttons

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    Linking forms to MailChimp + Removing Buttons

    Hello Support Staff,

    I have setup my website
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    and have a few questions.

    First, some questions with my MailChimp Newsletter integration. I downloaded the plugin and am wanting to link the following buttons to the newsletter.

    - Top "Sign Up For Updates" on splash above the fold spot
    - Signup form on the animated canvas
    - I also want to remove the Enter Username form on the canvas section and only have the email.

    I have a few other questions as well.

    - I want to change the color of the icons (heart, cloud, sheild) in the features section. I want them to be the red hover over color without needing to hover.
    - Is it possible for my logo to be white at first and then when I scroll, it changes to red? I did this at BoogalooBunks.com with the regular non-wp theme.
    - How do I add a bit more padding to the top/bottom of the menu?
    - How do I increase the font size in the menu?
    - How do I change the color of the inputted font (currently black) to white for the email signup forms?

    Thanks! This theme is great and I will be buying others.

    P.S. How do I hide my website text? Don't want this in search results. Thanks!
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    If you refer to the help documentation of the theme you will see that the only form in the theme which is linkable with the MailChimp plugin is the one in our demo theme just above the footer at the "newsletter" part. This form is not found on your page. The forms you wish to link are in face forms which are used to allow visitors to sign up to become members of your website - it creates a WP user account for them in your install. To repurpose these forms for mailchimp email list building would require customization of the theme.

    For the icon color change, this would work. Past it into the Custom CSS field in the theme options panel.
    #section-Features .icon{color:#c0392b;}
    About your logo question. There are two ways this could be done.

    1. You make a new image (white version) which you insert by default as the site logo. Then you use javascript to change the image"s source link dynamically once the nav bar collapses. This would require custom work and testing.

    2. You make your logo out of text, not an image and then your change the text's color using CSS once the navbar collapses. If you remade your logo out of text, I could provide this css snippet.

    To add padding to your main nav, use this snippet: (adjust the 15px) amount to suit.

    @media (min-width: 768px){
    .navbar-nav>li>a {
        padding-top: 15px;
        padding-bottom: 15px;