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Thread: Contact Form - Send Button

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    Contact Form - Send Button


    I have noticed that the button on the contact form had changed and doesn't work but I haven't made any changes to the site.. any help would be appreciated the link is www.hiitkitchen.co.uk

    thank you,


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    you have configured WordPress for the domain hiitkitchen.co.uk, when usingc the form javascript throws a security error because
    for javascript www and non www are 2 different domains.

    if you prefer using www.hiitkitchen.co.uk, you should set that as WordPress domain.
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    Thank you for your reply, will that solve my issue or are you just saying this?

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    Hi, Setting your WP domain to use the version of your URL with the www bit in it, will solve your problem. Contact your host or do some searching on Google about this, its not a theme related issue.