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Thread: Some details with the theme

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    Some details with the theme


    We have some problems with theme theme, specially with visual and responsive. Iīll try to count these in order to receive some help.

    1) We canīt see our full screen video in our cellphones as the description of the theme shows.
    2) We use staff page in order to show our clients for that reason we donīt need icons, nevertheless we want to make an href of there web in the complete mask.
    3) We were trying make a complete translation of our wed, so we install wpGlobus but there're some issues with the code because some text arenīt added in visual or html code. For example: Landing Title in Fullscreen Video. Therefore, how can we traslate these theme?

    hope your team can help us to complete our website: http:elgrito.pe
    Congratulations on your theme, itīs fresh and clean.

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    1) The fullscreen video is only supported on desktop, mobile devices don't have the power/space needed for that feature to work reliably.
    2) Add to theme options -> custom CSS field the following code

    .page-staff-content i {
        display: none;
    3) Integration with thrid party plugins is outside the scope of theme support.
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