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Thread: Bug and customisation for Portfolio

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    Bug and customisation for Portfolio

    Hello, I installed your theme for a customer and she has been editing the site with it but now something has gone wrong and i cannot seem to find what the problem is. We used a default Portfolio and renamed it to "Agenda" but is has stopped working as expected.

    First of all it looks like it is not bound to a container and fills the width of the entire browser, not the central column. Secondly that when you click on a portfolio item, the expanded becomes bigger and I see the cross to close it but the content is not there. I checked with my inpector and there is no content at all, it used to be there. Thirdly, I cannot see my font-awesome icons anymore.And lastly, when I click on the item to go to the Agenda in my menu, it does not scroll down to it anymore, in fact, the whole menu is not working anymore.

    It feels like the functionalities of the website are falling apart one by one and I cannot seem to figure out what is causing it. I get 404 errors for the inividual pages and the Blog is empty, I know I should list one problem but I think that if you can look at the Ageda/Portfolio problem, the rest will be solved as well. Youc an check the current site here: http://www.businessophakken.nl/

    mail me if you need credentials to log in, I prepared an admin account for you. Thanks in advance. - Geenkaas.

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    most of the errors you have are caused by using both www and non-www versions of the url to access your site. Since WordPress is installed on http://businessophakken.nl/ you should set up a redirection from http://www.businessophakken.nl/ to http://businessophakken.nl/ in your hosting control panel.

    Blog shouldn't be affected by this though, and I don't currently see any problems with it on your site.

    About the portfolio section width, it's supposed to be full width, as you can see from our demo: http://floyd.themes.tf/