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Thread: Restrictive Homepage

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    Restrictive Homepage

    I had no idea how restrictive the homepage is. I am trying to add a counter for projects, clients and developments without any success at all. Not even Visual Composer can help because the homepage does not allow for customisation like that. How can i add a services counter to the homepage? its fine if i want to add to another page. Do i really have to make any other page the designated homepage before i can do this? can i not use the functionality of the homepage at all? Why is the homepage so very rigid? I am not a fan of this at all. Really thinking of requesting my money back for this as the homepage is where the most important content is. it also has to be the best real estate to present information and yet there are quite a few things that i cannot do on the homepage

    any help in this would be greatly appreciated. Please respond

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    I'm sorry you are having a bad experience. I don't understand why adding stuff to homepage doesn't work for you, but it does for other pages. Can you please share your login details as instructed below and I will take a look at your setup.


    Post your admin login details in this thread so we can login to your WordPress installation and investigate the issue via the admin. You can post this information privately in this thread by wrapping the info inside a "Hide" tag as follows:

    Simply write your information into the post body as you would normally do. Then place the opening hide tag before your info, like this:


    Then place the closing hide tag after your private info, like this:


    All info contained inside the hide tags will only be visible to forum staff

    Here is what you would type in your post:

    url:       http://yoursite.com/wp-admin
    username:  admin
    password:  yourpass