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Thread: Gallery thumbnails not showing up

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    Gallery thumbnails not showing up

    Hi the thumbnails showed up to start with then when i clicked to add another one they disappeared so i couldn't type any script. logged out and back in again and they are still not showing. please help

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    Same problem here: I can't see the gallery thumbnails and thus I can't add text on the splash screens. Any help?

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    Hi, please share your login details as instructed below and we will take a look.



    Post your admin login details in this thread so we can login to your WordPress installation and investigate the issue via the admin. You can post this information privately in this thread by wrapping the info inside a "Hide" tag as follows:

    Simply write your information into the post body as you would normally do. Then place the opening hide tag before your info, like this:


    Then place the closing hide tag after your private info, like this:


    All info contained inside the hide tags will only be visible to forum staff

    Here is what you would type in your post:

    url:       http://yoursite.com/wp-admin
    username:  admin
    password:  yourpass