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Thread: blog gallery - navigation arrows disappear

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    Just arrows that don't disappear on gallery slider, that's all I'm asking. Black, green, orange with purple spots; I don't care. Just not white. Even better, make them centre automatically regardless of whether the picture is landscape, portrait, square etc. You know, functional. As opposed to non-functional. Which is the case at present.

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    Hey honey. Are we splitting up? I just wish you could have let me know to my face.

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    All your stuff's on the front lawn in bin-liners. You can see the kids weekends. I've called your mother and told her exactly where she went wrong with you. And you know what? She agreed.

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    Still as much as a pain in the arse as it was the first time I reported it.

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    LOL @ previous posts...sorry this was buried in the archives. Just seeing it now, because of your new post. I apologise for your experience so far with the support here, its unacceptible. I'm looking into your issue now. A temporary fix for you would be the following:

    .bx-outer-prev, .bx-outer-next, .bx-wrapper .bx-controls-direction a{
    Past this into the Custom CSS field in the theme options pane. It'll add a semi-transparent dark background to the next/prev buttons, making the arrows visible on a white background or white image also.

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