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Thread: External Featured Image Plugin

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    External Featured Image Plugin

    I am using the Nelio External Featured Image Plugin so that I don't have to host a ton of images on my site. I am using it to auto-blog certain contain. But for some reason the URL isn't getting plugged into the "external featured image" field under the "featured image field" on the backend.

    Here is what the FAQ on the plug in says as it pertains to certain themes-wondering if this is the problem and whether you know how to fix it:

    I don't see external featured images. What do I do?
    Try adding the following CSS code in your theme and refresh your site. If you can see the external featured image, it means that our plugin works properly, but some CSS tweaking was needed. Now, simply edit the CSS styles of your theme so that the featured image looks good everywhere (width, height, max-width, max-height).

    img.nelioefi {

    I added the CSS code you mention, but images do not appear yet.
    WordPress offers more than one function for inserting featured images. Unfortunately, only one of them has a filter we can use. If your theme is not using the (get_)the_post_thumbnail, then our plugin will not be able to insert external featured images.

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    Also, I had the default featured image plug in installed but deleted it. The default image I was using is still showing up when I try and share something to social media from my blog, so maybe the cache needs to be cleared somehow?? velosaink.com