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Thread: nested menu items

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    nested menu items

    there is something wrong with nested menu items display
    the spacing is wrong.

    my previous attempt to fix them with css resulted in many errors throughout the site.

    my ideal design would be somewhere along the lines of:

    . drifters guide .





    . Contact us .

    . About me .

    Where dotes represent the black menu, menu items would not be centered in the way that they are all indented the same space, and starting at the same point.

    nested items would be aligned to eacothers, and not centered, with the correct spacing between main items and nested items.

    this seems like a customization issue, but the original alignments cannot be considered correct.

    I would also suggest to add a color option to active pages in menu, so to differentiate them from inactive pages, and show users which page they are on. (just like the hover color)

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    ill re explain just in case:

    in the attached photo above, the chronicles is a parent, while for inspiration, featured, jobs and volunteering are nested menu items.

    the question is. can you tell?!

    appreciate your feedback

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    Hello, sorry for missing your thread.

    Do you still need help with this?

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    yes plz