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Thread: Issues loading a customized slider in Visia Project detail area

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    Issues loading a customized slider in Visia Project detail area

    Hi all,

    I would need to create a slider containing images and videos. As this is not possible with the visia theme out of the box I decided to use a 3rd party slider plugin. I tried 3 different slider plugins but all have the same issue. The plugin which works best for me is http://www.wonderplugin.com .

    When I would add the slider to the primary pages of the website the slider would show up and there is no issue at all. Never the less I would like to show the slider in the project detail section. I tried the following to implement my slider in the project detail section:

    1) I set the project format to standard
    2) I added the code " [wonderplugin_slider id="1"] " above the Project description
    3) I noticed that the wonderpluginslider.js is loaded on the website but the slider is simply not showing when I access the project.

    You can find my test at http://www.deng-online.eu:8080/wp-vi...ect=blutimesag

    Can you please give me some advice how I can show the wonderplugin slider on the project detail page instead of the visia gallery or video?

    Thank you for your help,


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    slider will not work this way because projects are loaded via AJAX, so it would have to be specifically deisgned to work with the theme.

    Then only way for you to get the slider working in your dynamic projects is to hire a developer who would develop a custom solution for you.

    Another option is to disable AJAX loading of your projects and have theme open in a separate normal page instead.

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    I need to disable AJAX loading for Visia theme, How to do?

    Thank you very much


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    Hi, In each project page in theme admin, there is an option called Ajax-load. Set this to disabled/no.