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    Future support for this theme?

    Will there be further support for this theme now that you have delisted it from ThemeForest?
  2. I looked deeper into the hacked HTML and got the...

    I looked deeper into the hacked HTML and got the following output:

    <html class="js" lang="en-NZ"><head><title>Hacked by king almafia</title><script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"...
  3. Issue with Blog Template: not appearing, says it's been hacked, cannot find evidence

    I've been trying to set the blog page up here.

    However, it produces a blank page and the title says it has been "Hacked by king mafia". But, if you view the source of the page, you see it's being...
  4. That worked this time, thanks. Are you...

    That worked this time, thanks.

    Are you planning on updating the theme to reflect the changes to both this, WordPress & Font Awesome?

    Cheers. :)
  5. I followed the link, generated an API key,...

    I followed the link, generated an API key, swapped out the code but the problem persists.
  6. WordPress 4.6 breaks Google Maps on Contact Page


    I recently updated WordPress to version 4.6 and it looks like it has broken the Google Map integration. You can view an example here and you can view it on WordPress 4.5.3 here.

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    Projects Grid not lining up properly

    I feel like I've done something obviously wrong when trying to set up these projects, but I don't know what's causing it to be aligned like it is. I've tried resizing images to 707x530 pixels to make...
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    Making the map more "colourful"

    Is it possible to change how the map in the contact template look a bit more "colourful", be it using satellite view or otherwise?

    Thanks. :)
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