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  1. Can anyone answer this?

    It looks very much like Haven (and perhaps other themes) aren't supported anymore (which is a shame), but I think it's time to find another theme producer.
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    You probably need a Google maps API key....

    You probably need a Google maps API key. https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key
  3. Is Haven theme still supported and receiving updates?

    I'm starting a new project and want to check this theme is still fully supported and receiving updates.

    Can anyone advise of any theme updates since v. 1.2.3?

    I've added my Themeforest API...
  4. Add Google maps as featured image (to divider template).

    This would be a great feature to add to so many Wordpress themes...

    I've almost achieved this using the open source Featured Video Plus plugin, but I can't get the embedded google map called by...
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    Add mobile specific logo?

    I am trying to add a mobile specific logo.

    The desktop version of my site has a round circular badge which works nicely on desktop and tablet, but mobile requires a different shaped version of the...
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