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    Aug 2011

    Paid customizations and freelance work availability

    We would like to inform all of our customers that we ( pixelentity / bitfade ) are now accepting requests for paid customizations to all themes as well as custom build projects. If you would like to get a quotation for some custom work, please use the contact us link in the forum footer and let us know about your specific requirements.

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    Rework Support Has Now Finished

    As per our earlier announcement, the support for the Rework Theme has now finished. Consequently the Rework support sub-forum has been set to Read Only.

    Any users who are still seeking support for this theme are free to review all old questions and solutions found in this forum. Forum searching is still enabled as is downloading of any attachements, snippets etc.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers who purchased a copy of the Rework theme.

    The very best,